Travel Partner it Right!!


Finding a travel partner may seem like the easiest of things to do on the list of “What to do” of travel. But finding the “Right” travel partner, well that’s a completely different story!

Whether by choice or by fate, in most instances we end up traveling with a partner or a group of individuals. And in these moments who you choose to travel with can alter your experience in ways that you never thought it would. Our travel buddies have the power to make or break “travel” for us, they can ether help us fall in love with travelling or make us wish we were back home, far away from all the drama that is brewing.

By experience I can tell you that finding the perfect travel partner is nothing but a fairy tale, there will always be things about this person that don’t sit well with you. Things that you saw as regular about your partner in other scenarios, you might find it to be annoying while on the road. Even the best of friend might start to butt heads when thrown in to a different setting, and travelling means a change in your backdrop every few seconds. So choosing your partner in crime wisely is as important as choosing the destination itself.

Same vibes

Whether you believe it or not vibes matter. You and your travel partner needs to be on the same wave length in order to make it out without any storms brewing. So choose wisely my friend!!

Less of an Ego can Take You a Long Way

Human ego is without a doubt the main culprit in every sour situation. So let’s tone it down shall we! Traveling together is a two way street, tone down the ego and be open to the wishes and needs of your partner/s too. If both sides follow this rule of thumb you’re in for a treat.

Chuck the Expectations

There are many expectations to be met with while traveling with others. Whether it’s related to what your good at or dare I say related to gender roles. There are certain roles that others demand of you even without saying it in words. Be alert to the small hints and gaps that need your attention. Do what you think should be done from your side but don’t keep any expectations. At the end of the day you and your buddies are on vacation!! Just let them be and let yourself relax as well.

Budget Buddies

One of the most important points that you should look out for is that both of you should agree on a similar if not the same budget. Clashes on money are never a pretty scene! Plan. Discuss. Get your budget straight!

Safe vs. Adrenaline Shots

While traveling some like to take the more adrenaline pumped challenges while others like the “let me make it out with my limbs still attached” way. Make your travel plans to cater to both ends of the spectrum if needed and include a few activities that all of you might enjoy together, so that you won’t miss out on the bonding.

Art museum vs. loud clubs

Different people have different agendas while travelling. Some like the calm down version of travel while others like the more “lean towards crazy” version. Again two ends of the same spectrum. Cater to both ends or give each other time to explore these desires on your own. And open your heart to trying out what is unusual for you. You never know you might develop a liking for the “unusual”!

Got Stamina?

No two people are on the same page when it comes to their physical activity levels. So be mindful of this when planning “What to dos” on your itinerary. But don’t hinder yourself from experiencing what your heart desires. And if its required, use your alone time in these times of need.

Comfy Cozy vs. Roughing it Out

Whether it’s choosing where you spend your nights or your mode of transportation you and your buddy/s may not think alike. Some prefer the joys of a hostel while others the comforts of a high end hotel and some prefer taking the public transport while others a personal vehicle- small but crucial parts of travel.  So before you venture out on your adventure make sure to have a conversation and let them know what you’re looking for in this experience. Learn about what they prefer and work it out in a way that both parties are happy.

Fancy Food vs. Street Food

When it comes down to your budget and taste buds, make room for both ends. What you got to loose eh?

Touristy Route vs. Local Way

This is one of the biggest problems I face when traveling with a group of people. I’ve always been a sucker for ditching the touristy route and exploring a city in a more local, authentic way (more on that later!) But this is not what most others prefer and let’s just say I’ve had my share of “Bad experiences” over this. When thrown in to such a situation you can ether find a middle path where you both are happy or go back to some alone time.

Nocturnal vs. Early Bird

Some of us are early birds while others have a more nocturnal style. This may be a huge problem if two people from these two sides travel together. Remedy- Have a conversation.

Spontaneous vs. planned to the T

Some of us love to do things spontaneously while some are only comfortable when things are planned to the T. Nether methods are wrong but when two people with these two different opinions clash- not a great sight! If your partner is someone who likes to plan the small things.


While “solo” is the way for many, a good travel partner to share the shades of travel is always fun and can add much more zest to your experience. But it’s always good to brace yourself for the worst when coupling up. One thing you need to bear in mind is that no one is perfect, we all have those little habits and ways that may not be a picnic for others. Improving yourself as a good travel partner is the first step in achieving the fairytale of coming back home without a single fight.

Until next time,

Choose wisely and travel safely.