“Travel” is a form of addiction. Once you get your first dose of it there is no turning back. It drags you so deep that it becomes a part of you. You get so intoxicated by it that sometimes you plan your whole life around it.

You day dream about your next destination, you turn in to a cyber-stalker on all things travel, you type in random dates and destinations on travel or airline websites just to stay updated (and drool !! ), You make it a point to save up your leave at work for your big getaway, You save every penny that you can to use for travel, Your whole face lights up when you talk about anything related to travelling, Your heart turns mushy when thinking about a place that you have been to or a place you badly want to go to, The longing is so bad that if you haven’t traveled in a while it feels like a part of you is missing, on a quiet day you sit back close your eyes and remember a place that you have been to, trying to remember all the details every sound and every color (Free therapy sessions!! Yey!).

A wise man once said traveling leaves you speechless but makes you in to a storyteller. How many of us can vouch for this? I for one can go on and on about my travel stories for days at an end.. 😛 (Hence the blog!! )

Traveling doesn’t necessarily mean an exotic location in a far far away land. It could be to a close by location just in your country, a place less seen (or a popular tourist destination- its your call ). Nor does it need 5 star hotels and maximum comfort, a cozy little hotel tucked away in a great location can give you all the comfort you need. And if you are truly someone passionate about traveling you won’t make excuses for not taking the leap. You won’t say you don’t have the resources or time, you will make it work!

Going on a trip doesn’t only make you happy it turns you in to a different person, it gives you confidence, helps you to understand who you truly are, brings families together, makes you appreciate what you have and teaches you what is really important in life, shows you a new side of people, gives you the chance to conquer your fears – gives you a whole new set of wings!  And that’s the beauty of travel, it brings out a whole new person in you!!!

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