A Messy Little World

The past couple of months I was absent from the blog as I had to study for an exam that required binge reading about the current political, social and environmental situation of the world. I had to say “Bye, Bye” to my non existing social life and had to go in to hibernation mode with my lap top and Wikipedia (long live the gods of Wikipedia).

I don’t know what the outcome of the exam will be, but one thing I learnt from being immersed in facts and figures is that we live in a totally messed up world!! See.. if you know me at all personally or through my blog posts, you will know that I’m an optimistic girl (Trust me!), who latch on to the best of even the worst of situations!

But after studying about everything that’s going on in the world, I’m starting to doubt my judgment. I knew that this world had some serious problems and I’ve always been alert about things that happen around the world. But I’ve never had to study and analyze these problems. And by doing so what I found was quite shocking and heart breaking!

As travelers I feel we are more exposed to these global issues whether it’s political, environmental or social at many levels. Numerous times I’ve had to face such problems ranging from being turned around at borders because of unrest inside the country, being judged based on my nationality, seen racism at its peak in some places etc.  And I’m sure many of you can add to the list, may be even worse experiences than that I can even imagine…

Even after seeing all that I had not given much attention to this side of the world.. but now that I’ve seen it, it’s hard to look away..

Do you know that RIGHT NOW there are more than 60 wars going in this world ??? No joke 60+!!! You read about Syria, you read about Afghanistan and we think “yah that’s about it!” but NO! there are so many wars and conflicts that don’t come in to the spotlight of media, but that doesn’t mean that they are any less destructive!  If you look at the statistics on the amount of people who get killed each day or displaced each day you will be shocked!!!! More than 24 people are forced from their homes ever Minute!! So many killed each day due to direct impact of war or indirect impacts such as malnutrition or diseases.  Why is this happening? what are we fighting for? What is the end game?

Whether it is a civil war, terrorism or separatism if it is achieved by so much violence and at the cost of so many human lives, loss of nature and economy will the end goal have any value?  Is achieving anything in the world more valuable than the life of another human being?

Different people believe different reasons for the existence of human race.. If the reason is evolution let me tell you it’s one sick game of genetic mutations.. And if God created us.. why? Why did god create such a self-destructive creatures when he could have just created, I don’t know anything, a snake, a cow or better yet a Unicorn!

Some may say that this is a part of natural population control or that’s just how life is, but I’m not ready to accept that! Humans are supposed to be smart animals, we can and should do better than this.. We need to realize that even though we see all these issues as a “Big Picture’’  we are all part of that. We all have a part to play whether it’s by choosing the right politicians or how we dispose our trash or how we react or act towards another human being!

Have you heard about the “Butterfly effect” a concept that describes how a small action can lead to a larger output!. With increased connectedness and globalization this concept could not have been more relevant! A small racist comment or a small post we share on Facebook can spread like wildfire and cause damage beyond anything expected.

I know in my heart that there is much more positivity in this world that can overcome the negatives! I’ve seen and experienced love in every place that I have been to across borders..And i’m sure you have to..  But then why is the concept of “Global  Peace” so ridiculously far from us ??