1 Merlion, 2 Merlion.. and Counting

What is the one thing I regret the most not doing in Singapore you ask? Well there are a few (A pretty long list to be more specific), but the 1st place would definitely go to- Not getting to see all 7 of the Merlion statues located in Singapore.. Yes there are SEVEN approved Merlion statues in Singapore (Some say only 5 are officially recognized by the Singapore tourism board).. SEVEN!!! .. Who knew!!

The Merlion is a mythical creature popular in Singapore, who is part lion and part fish. This creature is used as the marketing symbol of Singapore and is without a question the most commonly used symbol to represent this great nation. The fish part of this statue represents Singapore’s past as a fishing village and the lion part represents Singapore’s original name “singapura” (lion city), the city where prince Sang Nila Utama discovered a lion.

This iconic symbol was created by Alec Fraser-Brunner as the logo for the Singapore tourism board and was trademarked in 1996.

So let’s begin the list shall we?

The boss of all Merlions – Merlion at the Merlion Park.


8.6 meters in height and 70 tons in weight the original Merlion located at the Merlion Park is definitely the star of the show. Originally located at the mouth of the Singapore River this giant was relocated to the current location in 2002. This water spouting Merlion is one of the only two Merlions I got to see.

Fun Fact- The eyes of this Merlion is made of red tea cups.

Mini me- Cub Merlion

Popularly known as the cub Merlion this 2 meter tall Merlion is also located in the Merlion park right behind the 8.6 meter original statue.

King of the beasts- Merlion of Santosa Island.


The tallest Merlion of them all, the 37 meter tall giant is the only Merlion in Singapore where you can enter in to its body. Has the superpowers to shoot lasers through its eyes and it is the 40th tallest statue in the world.

Singapore Tourism board head quarters

A 3 meter tall Merlion resides outside the Singapore Tourism board and it is the skinniest out of all. Also this Merlion is peculiar looking.

Mount Faber

Located at Faber point, the highest point of Mount Faber, this 3 meter tall Merlion attracts a lot of tourists to it self and Mount Faber.

Ang Mo Kio Merlions

Built by the Ang Mo Kio residential committee in 1998, there are two Merlions stand guard at the entrance of the car park of this residential area. According to locals since the committee did not get prior permission for these 2.5 meter tall statues they were nearly removed… but thankfully they still stand tall now properly authorized.

The cutest one of them all….. 


Oky so this Merlion does not fit in to this list but I had to add it because its SO CUTE!! Hangs out near the entrance of Universal studio, Santosa Island and makes every one go gaga over him !!!

If you live in Singapore or planning a visit be sure to check out all the Merlions and while your at it you can turn this in to a fun treasure hunt!! And if you know about or find any other Merlion statues let the world know by commenting below!! 🙂 🙂

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