India- The tug at my heartstrings!

India is a different experience for each one of us, for some it’s the best and another- the worst. But one thing is common, we all love at least some aspects of India. For most there is a clear demarcation of the love-hate relationship- you either love it or hate it. But for some of us it’s just not that simple- it’s a complicated feeling.

For me India is more than just a country, it’s a feeling.. a second home.. a safety blanket.. a magical place right out of a fairy-tale filled with smiling individuals, warm hearts and vibrant colors. She and her great inhabitants make me so comfy, that I feel right at home in any part of this country! ( It definitely takes time to adjust but once you do its “home sweet home”)

Getting the opportunity to experience India first hand was one of the greatest blessings in my life. During the 6+ years I lived in India I got to travel throughout, experience, and feel so much of what she has to offer. Most of the best memories I have, best people I have met and without a doubt best food I’ve tasted (Gulab jamun!!) was in India. She is a country that I’ll never stop loving.. a country I would run back to in a heart beat.. and a country I’ll never get to completely explore how ever hard I try because there is so much to see so much to experience from Tip to Toe.

I proudly boast that I’ve at least seen 50% of this country (more than many of my India friends 😛 ).. but in reality I have not even see 15% of her true self. Every nook and corner in this country has so much to offer. Every Ghalee every Mandir or Masjid has a story and a life of its own. We as travelers only get to see the surface of what India truly is, if you dare to dig deep she will amaze you with all her hidden gems. The fact that she has so many hidden treasures alone makes me want to go back again and again- a true addiction.

Being so emotionally clingy to this country, its sooo.. hard to compile my thought about her , there are so many!! (it doesn’t help that I have a photographic memory on travel either)  So this article series is an attempt to compile my thoughts and a humble effort to tell the world about the lesser known face of India.

So follow me to learn, experience and feel India and all that she has to offer. (Yes I promise I’ll keep my emotions in check and not let each article be this emotionally dramatic 😛 )

Until next time,

Safe travels..

10 thoughts on “India- The tug at my heartstrings!

  1. Do share more about your adventures in India. Mel has only been to Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi and Agra so far and only because of business. Have been intrigued with Rajasthan. Any thoughts and sharing will you make? Looking forward to it!

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 yes will share as much as I know about India in the upcoming days! Mel has covered quite a few major cities ! Pune and Agra was my home for 3 years each 🙂 and as far as Rajasthan- it is one of the most enchanting cities in India. definitely worth a visit. 🙂

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