Pit Stop at Chandigarh

Chandigarh was the starting point to our Himachal Pradesh adventure, a small stop before the start of the next lag of our journey. We took a train from New Delhi and reached Chandigarh mid-day, so we only had a few hours of daylight left to explore since we were to leave to Shimla early next morning.

Chandigarh is the capital of the sates Punjab and Haryana and is not well known as a tourist attraction. But if you do go out and explore you will be surprised as to how much there is to see. As we only had a few hours we were only able to see the Rock garden, Sukhna Lake which is close by  the rock garden and a little bit of roaming around the city center. The city itself is well planned and clean with astounding architectural Pieces scattered throughout.

The rock garden is without a doubt,  a master peace with sculptures made completely with industrial and home waste. Birds made with broken bangle pieces, walls lined up with broken tiles, towers of clay pots and an array of waterfalls dotting the landscape are just a few of the things you will find here.


It is said that the master of this magnificent work of art was the self-taught artist and architect Nek Chand, after who the garden was named. Initially when it was developed it was illegal and was under the threat of being demolished. But the creator was able to obtain permission from the government and was opened to the public. Today it stands as the second most popular attraction in India following the Taj.

sometimes when on a tight schedule you tend to miss out on some important places and Chandigrah was one such place for me.

Next stop, Shimla.

Until next time,

Safe travels


4 thoughts on “Pit Stop at Chandigarh

  1. I remember Chandigah from an Indian trip I took over 20years ago. I was studying architecture and wanted see the Le Corbusier planning etc. The rock garden was a complete surprise and I remember, even after all these years, that it was fabulous. Enjoy yr trek:)

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