Don’t you just love going through old photo albums?

Don’t you just love going through old photo albums? Or is it just me?

We are a generation with a few printed pictures from childhood and a whole lot of digital photographs tucked away in some corner of a computer.

We have become so digitalized that nearly everything that has meaning to us is in Bit form. Instead of photo prints in albums we have digital pictures on our computers. Physical books have been replaced by kindle, Birthday cards have been replaced by gifs and letters by DMs and whatsapp messages.

May be I’m just old school but, don’t you miss the smell of a new book, or the joy a letter from a pen pal or a loved one brings you, or the inevitable smile that creeps up on you when you open up a birthday card from your cousin or best of all the feeling you get when you go through a physical photo album and the anticipation and excitement you get when you first bring the prints home from the studio? I surely do!

So guess who’s going to get a few pictures printed soon?

P.S- how is it that back in the “Film role” days we all looked good in one take and yet today we can hardly find a good click from the 10-20 clicks we take in the same spot in the same pose. Boggles my mind!

Yokohama style

Yokohama a port city located on the main island of Honshu. Japan, is a major commercial hub as well as a popular tourist destination. The moment you set foot in Yokohama you are captivated by its magnificent sky scrapers, grand port and by the vibrant China town. Other than these obvious attractions, the fashion and style adorned by the locals are eye catching and not to mention breathe taking. Trust me when I say, you can sit in a corner of Landmark plaza shopping mall in Minato-Mirai and obsess about the street style of Yokohama for hours on end. It’s so mesmerizing…



Minato-Mirai at night


If you are anything like me, the first thing that you will notice in Yokohama is that it has a very distinct street style, dominated by cool colors like cream, blues, grays and white. And these shades are combined with just a hint of warm shades such as red, yellow to add character. I’m someone who loves warm colors and loud prints but Yokohama made me fall in love with cool shades and more minimalist bound style and taught me how to combine cool shades together in one outfit. I personally feel that the style and fashion of Yokohama must be influenced by the fact that it’s a port city. To me the clothing styles and colors leans more towards navy inspired styles and colors.

Minato-Mirai 21 being a cosmopolitan hub is constantly filled with people wearing formal to smart casual outfits during the mornings and evenings hours.  Office wear is dominated by cool colors and they look absolutely fabulous, clean and crisp. The cuts, the detailing and the fit on most clothing pieces which you come across in this city are a fashion lover’s dream come true. I’m pretty sure that many thought that I was downright weird for staring at their cloths, but meh.. the embarrassment was worth it. The magnitude of inspiration and ideas that you can collect by just observing the people passing you is unbelievable. From a simple flair skirt to a palazzo pant, to print, to color, to cut.. everything is just breathtaking (Literally !! )

Yokohama is the proud owner of the largest China town in Japan and it is located in central Yokohama. Filled with Chinese stores and restaurants it has a total different atmosphere compared to other parts of Yokohama. Colorful streets filled with food vendors.. small stalls selling little Chinese trinkets.. cheap shopping.. trust me it’s a shoppers paradise. Fashionable hats to pretty scarves to Chinese dresses, this place can give any fashion loving person the feels. The street style of china town was more relaxed in terms of color and styles, may be because people come to this area to relax, enjoy and do a bit of shopping.

China Town in all its red and gold glory


Mornings in China Town

Yokohama has definitely inspired me in a “fashionable” way with its inborn fashion and style.  The use of cool colors in one outfit, the greatness of minimalist style, and how to rock an office outfit are a few things that I picked up regarding fashion and style during my stay. Other than fashion, Yokohama has so much to offer to any travel loving person and I think it’s one of those cities that you SHOULD add to your travel list.