With Love,

To all the friends I’ve lost touch with…

Adulting is hard! Harder than they make it seem, much harder than they make us believe. And while being wrapped up in this crazy haze that is life today and amidst the growing pains, I’ve lost touch with you.

Remember the good old times when we used to be so close, inseparable in some cases. In those moments I never thought even for a split second that time would bring us to this point. A point where we merely message each other on our birthdays and sometimes not even that.

It’s no one’s fault! It’s just how life is!

Once in a while, we sit back and think back of the times gone by, and the memories come gushing in. Memories of you and of the times we spent together and the laughter we shared. And I can feel a warmth fill my heart and a small yet significant smile creep up on me.

Don’t you miss those moments we remember so fondly now, moments of pure joy spent together. Countless hours spent in each other’s company, innocently thinking it’ll last forever.

They say if you really want to stay connected you make time!. But the reality is that in this fast pace day and age, it’s not as easily said than done. Each and every one of us are caught up in our own web, trying and at times struggling to keep ourselves afloat. None of us meant to go away or shut anyone away, certainly I didn’t. We grew up and at the same time Life just happened.

 Life works in mysterious ways don’t you think? It brought us together but also sent us on different paths, different quests, sending us away from each other.

But don’t you dare ever even for second think that I fell out of love with you!!  Don’t you dare think I stopped caring! Because none of us did!

So in my own tiny way I want to send this message to all that I’ve lost touch with ..I love you!!

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