Perfect Strangers

I’m sure at least a few travel addicts out there have thought of the possibility of finding true love while traveling. The mere thought of an encounter with your soul mate while in a foreign country is exciting! Sound cliché I know, but it is.

I came across an article somewhere about stories of people finding their one true love while traveling. Some of those stories are just like something out of a fairy tale, ending on a happy note and some not so fortunate. It was intriguing to read about the possibility of falling in love on the road which sound so magical and exciting !!

See I’m an inborn romantic (I don’t tell this to anyone nor do I show it but I am 😛 ) and since I am a crazy travel person, reading this article has got me thinking is it even possible?

The people you meet while traveling are raw to the core (or I would like to believe)- the good the bad and the ugly all true. I would like to believe that travel brings out our true self that is usually under a rock while living our normal sedentary life.  Every part of us that is hidden, the adventurous side, the crazy side, the romantic side, the lay on a beach reading a book side all comes out while traveling. Added bonus- your in a place where you know no one and this means you can truly let down your guard and be yourself. So falling in love in such an environment may mean that your falling for the true person and not any of the superficial layers you would meet under other circumstances. Is it the case?

And when it comes to the negatives of an overseas love affair I guess the obvious one is.. what do you do when the vacation is over? Is it possible to make it work? all these unanswered questions!

So is it as magical as it sounds? How do you navigate after? Is the heartbreak that may follow worth it? And does this side trek of love take you away from your travel experience or does it add to it?

So What do you think? Comment down below and let us know.. have you ever been in a situation like this, do you have a story of your own?

Until next time,

Safe travels.



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