Color Pout All Day Long!!!

Whether it’s a red pout or a purple we all LOOOOOVE our lipstick!! Some of us even rely on it to look presentable 😉 the right lipstick color can add so much character to a look and give us an instant confidence boost that we all deserve. BUT… what’s the one problem we all face regarding this magic confidence booster?

THEY DON’T LAST FOR LONG!!! Whether it’s a big brand product or a drug store product it never lasts long after applying!! Yes each brand has its own holding time but as a whole I still haven’t come across any product that can last for a considerable amount of time without any changes. So every now and then I have to engage in the tiring task of touch up.  And sometimes the situation is so that I can’t even do that. You can’t be dabbing your lips in the middle of a formal meeting.. can you?

A few days ago I faced this problem while attending a wedding.. By the time I entered the venue the awesome red pout I had was gone.. Disappeared.. Vanished. just Leaving this “ghost” of the original color… Not pretty at all!! Sooooo… I did a little bit of research about how to make your lipstick last longer after applying and these are a few easy tricks that I found that might help.


Who knew that you should exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick! (At least I didn’t) so basically you should exfoliate your lips lightly using may be a soft toothbrush to remove those dead skin before you go on about applying your favorite color.. (But don’t overdo it, because exfoliating too often may lead to dryness of lips. Do it may be once or twice a week)


Once you’re done with your exfoliation moisturize your lips with a lip balm and remove the excess balm. Removal of excess is crucial since if your lips are too oily the lipstick want stick.

Powder them lips

After you are done applying the lip liner and filling the lip with lipstick place a thin 1ply tissue on your lips and then using a soft brush dust a little bit of powder on top of the tissue. A minute amount of powder will go through the pores of the tissue and on to your lips to fix the lip color. Don’t apply too much powder or else it will form clumps and look dry after a while. One you are done with powdering apply a thin coat of lipstick again to seal the deal.

Stay Alert

Yes! STAY ALERT!! Don’t bite, lick your lips or wipe your lips or do anything that might transfer the color from your lips.

And most importantly,

Treat your lips right…

If your lips are dry, cracked or damaged the chances of lipstick lasting long on them are slight. So keep them lips healthy!! Use lip balm regularly, use only lip products that suite your lips and most importantly once your back home clean your lips properly to remove the remaining color. Also follow the basics such as Drinking water, avoid excess amounts of salty food that may lead to dryness of lips, avoid licking your lips (believe it or not licking dries your lips), and avoid pealing your lips (A habit that we all are not proud of).

Follow these easy rules and let your lips shine!!

Note- This is not a fault proof method sadly. So yah you will have to do touch ups with time. But it want be as much as before. That’s a relief right?

Hope this post is helpful and if you have any tips on this subject feel free to comment and let us know what you think…

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