Don’t you just love going through old photo albums?

Don’t you just love going through old photo albums? Or is it just me?

We are a generation with a few printed pictures from childhood and a whole lot of digital photographs tucked away in some corner of a computer.

We have become so digitalized that nearly everything that has meaning to us is in Bit form. Instead of photo prints in albums we have digital pictures on our computers. Physical books have been replaced by kindle, Birthday cards have been replaced by gifs and letters by DMs and whatsapp messages.

May be I’m just old school but, don’t you miss the smell of a new book, or the joy a letter from a pen pal or a loved one brings you, or the inevitable smile that creeps up on you when you open up a birthday card from your cousin or best of all the feeling you get when you go through a physical photo album and the anticipation and excitement you get when you first bring the prints home from the studio? I surely do!

So guess who’s going to get a few pictures printed soon?

P.S- how is it that back in the “Film role” days we all looked good in one take and yet today we can hardly find a good click from the 10-20 clicks we take in the same spot in the same pose. Boggles my mind!

Fear of a Mediocre Life

Yesterday while on my way down the rabbit hole that is YouTube I came across a documentary about a man who was shipwrecked and survived for 76 days on a life raft.

76 days with only a life raft, a spear for fishing and a solar stilt to purify water. 76 days of fear, marginal hope and a drive to survive.

Through the 45 min documentary he talks about his journey, the events that happened between the ocean and him and everything in between. But what stood out for me the most is what he said about how he felt during those long and excruciating days alone in that life raft.

Other than his thoughts of survival he said that he kept having flash backs of his previous life. Flash backs of a life before the shipwreck, of things he did and didn’t do. And he kept saying that he had a gut wrenching feeling that he hadn’t “lived” enough. In his own words he had only lived an average live. Being in a situation where he had no idea if he would come out alive, he felt that he hadn’t done enough in his life to be at peace with him.

And that got me thinking, what would I feel if I was in that situation having similar flashbacks? Would I be at peace with my life?

Most of us (minus a few who truly have “lived”) have just had this mediocre existence. We are all caught up in this rat race we wrongly call life. Work, home, work, home-a routine that we are now addicted to. Life has turned out to be so monotonous that it truly doesn’t feel as if we are living anymore.

Every person has a different perspective on what life means to them, each interpretation is different from the other. And moments that make you feel alive are also different from one person to the other. They are all valid, you just need to find what your moments are.

Some might be holding on to a bucket list of things to do to reach that level of content while some may find that peace in life’s’ simple moments. And some like yours truly, a moderate in-between.

These moments can range from wanting to go on the EBC trek (Me!!), go skydiving to sleeping under the Northern lights. Or it can be as simple as opening up a conversation with someone you always wanted to connect with or reading a good book. It’s all your personal choice. The only question is are you at that point where you are content with yourself?

We never know when our “life raft” moment will come, when those flashbacks will come, when those questions of whether we truly lived or not will come, If that moment was right now do you think you will be at peace? You would be content with what you have done in your life?

If the answer is yes, good for you! You’ve truly lived. But if it’s a no, what would you do to change it in to a big fat yes?


“Limits are the white boring lines on an otherwise colorful canvas”


Growing up as a girl,

I’ve been always told that there are limits.

Limits to my dreams, limits to my desires.

Some dreams would be too colorful and some beyond the conventional lines.

The voices keep screaming,

Some mountains are too high to climb.

Some rivers too wide to cross.

Some seas too deep to dive.

And some roads to long to walk.

Limits on this and limits on that.

Limits dictating, from dusk till the end.

Life becomes a butterfly wrapped in the deadly grip of a web.

Dream high but only so much!

Shoot for the stars but only the ones inside the invisible line!

These limits are the obscure glass ceiling that stops us from going beyond.

They tell you with cheering voices to go far and beyond, as your heart desires!

But they keep forgetting to tell you about the leash they have on you.

Summoned, whenever they think you are too much for them to handle.

With time the lines get blurred and more and more entangled.

Metamorphosing in to a choking hazard of a new kind.


Sometimes, just sometimes

There are the lucky butterflies.

The once who decide to spread their wings.

The once who decide it’s time to fly.

To break the limits, to shatter the glass.

The once who muster the courage to fly,

Fly to the distance,

Away from all the limits and lines,

Where flowers grow, and the meadows smell like dreams.


Yet the voices will still keep telling you that limits are there for a reason.

Little did they know, for this butterfly the reason was simply to “Defy”

Travel Partner it Right!!


Finding a travel partner may seem like the easiest of things to do on the list of “What to do” of travel. But finding the “Right” travel partner, well that’s a completely different story!

Whether by choice or by fate, in most instances we end up traveling with a partner or a group of individuals. And in these moments who you choose to travel with can alter your experience in ways that you never thought it would. Our travel buddies have the power to make or break “travel” for us, they can ether help us fall in love with travelling or make us wish we were back home, far away from all the drama that is brewing.

By experience I can tell you that finding the perfect travel partner is nothing but a fairy tale, there will always be things about this person that don’t sit well with you. Things that you saw as regular about your partner in other scenarios, you might find it to be annoying while on the road. Even the best of friend might start to butt heads when thrown in to a different setting, and travelling means a change in your backdrop every few seconds. So choosing your partner in crime wisely is as important as choosing the destination itself.

Same vibes

Whether you believe it or not vibes matter. You and your travel partner needs to be on the same wave length in order to make it out without any storms brewing. So choose wisely my friend!!

Less of an Ego can Take You a Long Way

Human ego is without a doubt the main culprit in every sour situation. So let’s tone it down shall we! Traveling together is a two way street, tone down the ego and be open to the wishes and needs of your partner/s too. If both sides follow this rule of thumb you’re in for a treat.

Chuck the Expectations

There are many expectations to be met with while traveling with others. Whether it’s related to what your good at or dare I say related to gender roles. There are certain roles that others demand of you even without saying it in words. Be alert to the small hints and gaps that need your attention. Do what you think should be done from your side but don’t keep any expectations. At the end of the day you and your buddies are on vacation!! Just let them be and let yourself relax as well.

Budget Buddies

One of the most important points that you should look out for is that both of you should agree on a similar if not the same budget. Clashes on money are never a pretty scene! Plan. Discuss. Get your budget straight!

Safe vs. Adrenaline Shots

While traveling some like to take the more adrenaline pumped challenges while others like the “let me make it out with my limbs still attached” way. Make your travel plans to cater to both ends of the spectrum if needed and include a few activities that all of you might enjoy together, so that you won’t miss out on the bonding.

Art museum vs. loud clubs

Different people have different agendas while travelling. Some like the calm down version of travel while others like the more “lean towards crazy” version. Again two ends of the same spectrum. Cater to both ends or give each other time to explore these desires on your own. And open your heart to trying out what is unusual for you. You never know you might develop a liking for the “unusual”!

Got Stamina?

No two people are on the same page when it comes to their physical activity levels. So be mindful of this when planning “What to dos” on your itinerary. But don’t hinder yourself from experiencing what your heart desires. And if its required, use your alone time in these times of need.

Comfy Cozy vs. Roughing it Out

Whether it’s choosing where you spend your nights or your mode of transportation you and your buddy/s may not think alike. Some prefer the joys of a hostel while others the comforts of a high end hotel and some prefer taking the public transport while others a personal vehicle- small but crucial parts of travel.  So before you venture out on your adventure make sure to have a conversation and let them know what you’re looking for in this experience. Learn about what they prefer and work it out in a way that both parties are happy.

Fancy Food vs. Street Food

When it comes down to your budget and taste buds, make room for both ends. What you got to loose eh?

Touristy Route vs. Local Way

This is one of the biggest problems I face when traveling with a group of people. I’ve always been a sucker for ditching the touristy route and exploring a city in a more local, authentic way (more on that later!) But this is not what most others prefer and let’s just say I’ve had my share of “Bad experiences” over this. When thrown in to such a situation you can ether find a middle path where you both are happy or go back to some alone time.

Nocturnal vs. Early Bird

Some of us are early birds while others have a more nocturnal style. This may be a huge problem if two people from these two sides travel together. Remedy- Have a conversation.

Spontaneous vs. planned to the T

Some of us love to do things spontaneously while some are only comfortable when things are planned to the T. Nether methods are wrong but when two people with these two different opinions clash- not a great sight! If your partner is someone who likes to plan the small things.


While “solo” is the way for many, a good travel partner to share the shades of travel is always fun and can add much more zest to your experience. But it’s always good to brace yourself for the worst when coupling up. One thing you need to bear in mind is that no one is perfect, we all have those little habits and ways that may not be a picnic for others. Improving yourself as a good travel partner is the first step in achieving the fairytale of coming back home without a single fight.

Until next time,

Choose wisely and travel safely.

It’s okay to “Not Belong” ?

Humans are by definition, a group of social creatures. We thrive with human interactions, we crave for the conversations, the bonds and the feeling of “I belong”.

This feeling of wanting to belong, to be a part of and to be liked is embedded in our genes. However much one may say otherwise this is a fundamental fact that no one can deny. This feeling is one crucial feature that makes us human. It is the base on which many mighty civilizations were built and which has propelled us to where we are today.

But once in awhile along the path of life we may be thrown head first in to situations where we simply don’t belong. whether it is in society, at school, at work or among a group of friends we just might not feel like we are a part. This is one of the most complex of human emotions. The feeling of not belonging aids in the manifestation of the need to belong.  Intense yet sensitive, a craving that comes from within.

But the truth is that in some instances, even when all factor point towards the need to belong its okay to not  belong, especially if belonging means the demise of ourselves and who we are. Then it’s okay to stand alone.

I know its easily said than done, i know the feeling of wanting to be a part of a group, of a internal joke, or a simple conversation is difficult, the feeling of being left out is not a pleasant one in any form. This thread of human emotions are a scary thing to experience irrespective of your gender, age or any social factors. In fear of facing these demons so to say,  we tend to grasp for every straw of chance to entertain these bonds without realizing that every bond is not healthy for us.

It’s funny how we always focus our energy on the things we don’t have rather than what we do. We might have strong and stable bonds with others but still only focus and attract a heap of negative energy from the bonds we don’t have. We exercise so much energy to mend these so called “important relationships” in hopes that we will belong, that we get blinded to the outcome. In the process of “mending”, we  constantly surrounded ourselves  by souls that hinder us from being who we truly are, from reaching our highest potential, or simply break the calmness of our mind making it easy to fall pray to loosing small yet important parts of you.

some rather toxic relationships can change us drastically, drift us far away from our true self to the point of no return.  Especially when the intense feeling of not belong hits you, the intensity of it drives you to act against you will. You will be pushed, even without your knowledge to act against the things you believe in, push you to second judge your self and your values, makes you in to a slave of  pleasing others and in turn loose your self value.

As I’ve said before “it’s easily said than done”. But if you try to see it clearly you will realize that its okay to not belong. That letting go of those strings you tightly weave around your heart suffocating it emotionally is okay. And that being alone is far better than loosing small yet important parts of you.

If you do open your heart you will realize that at the end of the day what matters the most is that you remain true to yourself and whether you feel content with how you turned out to be.

So it is okay not to belong, when “belong” means loosing you…

Tourist Friendly Tuk-Tuks in Lanka!!

Planing to come down to Sri Lanka soon? Boy do I have some good news for you!!

Now thanks to a new government initiated project, you can say “bye bye” (at least partly) to the fear and anxiety you have developed about coming here from hearing the many  horror stories about “Tuk Tuk adventures” in Sri Lanka.

while majority of Sri Lankan tuk tuk drivers are friendly and helpful towards tourists, there have been a few account of bad treatment and fraud which has given a bad reputation to the whole industry and to the islands reputation of being a safe destination.

In order to make your tuk tuk experience more positive, the government has launched a tourist friendly tuk tuk service training program. Currently the project mainly focuses on the main touristy areas of the island such as Ella, Colombo and Galle and plans to eventually spread to more areas.

The aim of this program is to provide a more safe, organized and low cost rides totourist both local and international, by introducing metered taxis with accepted touristy standards and proper training of the drivers. As a part of this training the drivers  will be given training in language skills(no more hand language required), road discipline(No more “Fast and the Furious” sequels) and customer care. The certified drivers will be required to display a badge for easy recognition by tourists along with an identity card baring basic details of the driver.

From personal experience I know that while traveling the most amount of stress comes from having to deal with not-so friendly drivers, over priced rides and just the fear of being conned. So in my opinion this news  is a heavy weight off any travelers shoulder! Isn’t it relaxing  to know that your in trained hands and you wont be coned anytime soon?

So if you ever do visit the island make sure to sought out the trained tuk tuks for a better and positive experience.

until next time,

Safe travels

Travel In Style


Let’s face it, it’s not easy to be fashionable while traveling because ether the outfit in mind isn’t the most appropriate for the destination or the amount of luggage a single person can carry around is limited. Never the less we all want to look our best in our vacation pictures! But it’s nearly impossible to assemble a killer outfit with all these restrictions. It’s hard!!  And in reality the best “Style Mantra” we should follow while traveling is comfort. You should be comfortable enough in you outfit to fully enjoy your travels. Imagine, will you be able to wear stilettos while camel riding in the Rajasthan desert in India and still enjoy the ride? Or wear that cute maxi dress you got last summer, while trekking the mountains in Bhutan?? I’m not saying that it’s impossible, but I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s not the most comfortable thing to do.  Soooo it’s evident that there’s a fine line between what we want and what’s faceable and practical.

But that doesn’t mean you have to opt for “No” style and unflattering cloths. You still can look on point just by adding a few simple elements to your existing comfy outfit.

Here are a few pointers that might just help you..

Statement jewelry

Just the addition of a Statement piece, like a necklace can make a huge difference. Opt for a silver or gold chunky necklace. Trust me, you can never go wrong with Gold and Silver!!  It will give your outfit that extra oomph and the best part is its travel friendly and you can mix them with anything in your vacation wardrobe to create that desired look. If you’re not the necklace kind of girl you can go for any other type of jewelry, even a pair of funky glasses can help in elevating your look.


Another way to look vacation picture ready is by manipulating your make up. Experiment! Experiment! and Experiment! until you find that picture perfect you! Play with colors, go for something that you wouldn’t normally use. Leap out of your comfort zone! After all vacations are all about finding a different version of you!  A deep red lip done perfectly can amp a look by leaps and bounds. A winged eye can add that stylish look you’ve been having dreams about.

Hair styles

Hair styles, another way to amp it up!! You can give your look a drastic makeover just by changing your hairstyle. Change your hair do, add a hair ornament and your vacation ready in no time!

Jackets, shawls

As simple as they are the addition of a colorful jacket or a shawl over your vacation T can add such character and style. Opt for pieces with loud colors and bold tribal prints and pair them up with your simple t shirt and shorts.. Voila!! You’ve got your unique funky travel style that everyone is going to love!!

Wear your Confidence   

There are no outfits in the world that can beat your confidence. Wear your confidence and own it!. The right cloths can only add to your look! It’s up to you to own it! A simple ordinary outfit can turn in to a standout piece with just the right attitude and correct posture.