Travel In Style


Let’s face it, it’s not easy to be fashionable while traveling because ether the outfit in mind isn’t the most appropriate for the destination or the amount of luggage a single person can carry around is limited. Never the less we all want to look our best in our vacation pictures! But it’s nearly impossible to assemble a killer outfit with all these restrictions. It’s hard!!  And in reality the best “Style Mantra” we should follow while traveling is comfort. You should be comfortable enough in you outfit to fully enjoy your travels. Imagine, will you be able to wear stilettos while camel riding in the Rajasthan desert in India and still enjoy the ride? Or wear that cute maxi dress you got last summer, while trekking the mountains in Bhutan?? I’m not saying that it’s impossible, but I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s not the most comfortable thing to do.  Soooo it’s evident that there’s a fine line between what we want and what’s faceable and practical.

But that doesn’t mean you have to opt for “No” style and unflattering cloths. You still can look on point just by adding a few simple elements to your existing comfy outfit.

Here are a few pointers that might just help you..

Statement jewelry

Just the addition of a Statement piece, like a necklace can make a huge difference. Opt for a silver or gold chunky necklace. Trust me, you can never go wrong with Gold and Silver!!  It will give your outfit that extra oomph and the best part is its travel friendly and you can mix them with anything in your vacation wardrobe to create that desired look. If you’re not the necklace kind of girl you can go for any other type of jewelry, even a pair of funky glasses can help in elevating your look.


Another way to look vacation picture ready is by manipulating your make up. Experiment! Experiment! and Experiment! until you find that picture perfect you! Play with colors, go for something that you wouldn’t normally use. Leap out of your comfort zone! After all vacations are all about finding a different version of you!  A deep red lip done perfectly can amp a look by leaps and bounds. A winged eye can add that stylish look you’ve been having dreams about.

Hair styles

Hair styles, another way to amp it up!! You can give your look a drastic makeover just by changing your hairstyle. Change your hair do, add a hair ornament and your vacation ready in no time!

Jackets, shawls

As simple as they are the addition of a colorful jacket or a shawl over your vacation T can add such character and style. Opt for pieces with loud colors and bold tribal prints and pair them up with your simple t shirt and shorts.. Voila!! You’ve got your unique funky travel style that everyone is going to love!!

Wear your Confidence   

There are no outfits in the world that can beat your confidence. Wear your confidence and own it!. The right cloths can only add to your look! It’s up to you to own it! A simple ordinary outfit can turn in to a standout piece with just the right attitude and correct posture.